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AuthorJohn Kennedy Entered2004-03-12 19:44:39 by Ryanov
Editedit data record FreedomCopyrighted, doesn't cost money to read, but otherwise not free (disclaimer)
SubjectQ.A - Mathematics. Computer science (Mathematics)
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Rare Proofs
by Ryan Scott on 2004-03-12 19:51:02, review #392
better than 80%
I rarely would add short papers to the database, but John Kennedy has proved some common theorems presented in high school Precalculus courses that are usually not proved. Back in high school, I always wondered about the rationale behind Descarte's Rule of Signs for locating roots of a polynomial. Further, he proves other results presented in more advanced Precalculus courses that are not proven in high school texts or in one's normal college mathematics training. As an engineer, I'm a practical person, but I believe all knowledge should rest on a strong theoretical foundation (at least in mathematics it should); these papers help provide that for those curious high school Precal students who just have to know the logic of what they do.

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