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Fundamentals of Geometry

AuthorOleg A. Belyaev Entered2005-02-04 10:27:04 by Ryanov
Editedit data record FreedomPublic domain (disclaimer)
SubjectQ.A - Mathematics. Computer science (geometry)
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Rigorous Treatment of Elementary Geometry
by Ryan Scott on 2005-02-04 10:27:04, review #442
better than 95%
This text, still in preliminary form, is written quite well. It has more structure than what one may be used to -- the famous definition, theorem, proof format that French mathematicians are so famous for. But the pithy writing style reveals a deep, crisp understanding of the subject.

I haven't read the whole book, but I have read the book Elementary Geometry from an Advanced Standpoint by Moise. If one were to learn all elementary, Euclidean geometry from a rigorous perspective, the combination of Moise's text with this book would be more than adequate. In some respects Belyaev's book is more rigorous, but it is less complete at this time.

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