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Linux System Administrators' Guide, The

AuthorsLars Wirzenius, Joanna Oja Entered2001-01-19 19:35:22 by bcrowell
Editedit data record FreedomCopylefted: anyone can read, modify, and sell (disclaimer)
SubjectQ.A - Mathematics. Computer science (operating systems)
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by Ben Crowell (crowell09 at (change 09 to current year)) on 2002-05-25 14:25:33, review #191
This book dates back to around 1996, when using Linux was a vastly different experience. It's been updated a little since then, but not enough. For example, the section on backups still refers to floppies and tapes as the main backup media, but I doubt that any modern Linux system could be backed up on floppies, and most desktop users probably use CD or DVD rather than tape. The section on booting up and shutting down talks about such historical curiousities as typing ``sync'' three times in a row. Telnet and rlogin are discussed, but not ssh. There is no discussion of some everyday sysadmin tasks, like installing libraries and RPMs.

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