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Open Source Development With CVS

AuthorKarl Fogel Entered2000-12-26 00:25:34 by bcrowell
Editedit data record FreedomCopylefted: anyone can read, modify, and sell (disclaimer)
SubjectQ.A - Mathematics. Computer science (Computer Science)
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by Ben Crowell (crowell09 at (change 09 to current year)) on 2001-03-25 22:45:47, review #123
This is a book about how to use Concurrent Version System (CVS), the standard software used by open-source developers to allow many programmers to work on the same software package without stepping on each other's toes. Part of the book is free and part isn't. I've only used the free part, which was fine for getting up to speed on CVS. The unfree parts, which I haven't read, deal with how to make an open-source project work, but not specifically with CVS.

My only real complaint is that it would have been helpful to have more information on some of the common pitfalls and hassles, like the stuff about SSH, etc. discussed cryptically on the SourceForge site.

The free chapters are also known as The CVS Book.

Information wants to be free, so make some free information.

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