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FreeBSD Unleashed

AuthorsMichael Urban, Brian Tiemann Entered2003-04-30 15:02:59 by bcrowell
Editedit data record FreedomCopylefted: anyone can read, modify, and sell (disclaimer)
SubjectQ.A - Mathematics. Computer science (operating systems)
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where is it?
by Ben Crowell (crowell09 at (change 09 to current year)) on 2003-05-21 12:03:01, review #256
I own a printed copy of this book. The copyright page of the printed book contains a BSD-ish copyleft agreement, which, e.g., says you can redistribute the book in object or source (DocBook) forms. However, I haven't had any luck actually finding the book online. It's unclear to me whether this book is really free in digital form or not.

This book also suffers by comparison with the FreeBSD handbook for several reasons:

Although the page counts might make you think that FreeBSD Unleashed was more complete (990 versus 630), much of the extra content in FreeBSD Unleased doesn't seem all that useful to me. For instance, I don't really need an introduction to Perl programming in a book about FreeBSD. The book devotes two entire chapters to Gnome, but KDE isn't even in the index, which seems strange. It does, however, have a discussion of Samba (for sharing files and printers on a Windows network), which is missing from the FreeBSD Handbook.

Information wants to be free, so make some free information.

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