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Computer Science




Anthony Aaby, Compiler Construction using Flex and Bison (programming languages) free to read, modify, and sell

Harold Abelson, Philip Greenspun, Lydia Sandon, Tcl for Web Nerds (programming languages)

Paul W. Abrahams, Kathryn A. Hargreaves, Karl Berry, TeX for the Impatient (applications) free to read, modify, and sell

Michael Abrash, Graphics Programming Black Book

Tigran Aivazian, Linux Kernel Internals (operating systems) free to read, modify, and sell

Susan Albers, Competitive Online Algorithms

anonymous, Maximum Security: A Hacker’s Guide to Protecting Your Internet Site and Network (internet and networking)

anonymous, Perl Design Patterns (programming languages)

anonymous, PostScript Language Reference, Third Edition (programming languages)

anonymous, Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby (programming languages) free to read, modify, and sell

Association for Educational Communications and Technology, Instructional Use of Learning Objects, The

Hagit Attiya, Distributed Algorithms

Edward C. Bailey, Maximum RPM: Taking the Red Hat Package Manager to the Limit (operating systems) free to read, modify, and sell

Jonathan Laine Bartlett, Programming from the Ground Up (general programming) free to read, modify, and sell

Gerard Beekmans, Linux From Scratch (operating systems)

Stas Bekman, Eric Cholet, Practical mod_perl (internet and networking)

Mihir Bellare, Phillip Rogaway, Introduction to Modern Cryptography (security and cryptography)

Alex Biryukov, Methods of Cryptanalysis (security and cryptography)

Charles Blair, Notes on Cryptography (security and cryptography)

Jason R. Briggs, Snake Wrangling for Kids: Learning to Program with Python (general programming) free to read, modify, and sell

Frank B. Brokken, C++ Annotations (programming languages)

Jason Brownlee, Clever Algorithms: Nature-Inspired Programming Recipes (general programming)

Philip Carinhas, Linux Fundamentals: A Training Manual (operating systems) free to read, modify, and sell

Paul Carter, PC Assembly Language (programming languages)

Emmanuel Chailloux, Pascal Manoury, Bruno Pagano, Developing Applications with Objective Caml (programming languages)

Jianer Chen, Computational Optimization

chromatic, Modern Perl (programming languages)

Josh Cogliati, Non-Programmers Tutorial For Python (programming languages) free to read, modify, and sell

Mendel Cooper, Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide (general programming)

Michael Coughlan, COBOL Programming Course (programming languages)

Jack Crenshaw, Let’s Build a Compiler (programming languages)

Jon Crowcroft, Open Distributed Systems

Claude Crépeau, Cryptography and Data Security (security and cryptography)

Refsnes Data, W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

Hal Daumé III, Yet Another Haskell Tutorial (programming languages) free to read, modify, and sell

Chris DiBona, Sam Ockman, Mark Stone, Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution

Mark Jason Dominus, Higher-Order Perl (programming languages)

Dale Dougherty, Tim OReilly, Unix Text Processing (operating systems)

Allen B. Downey, Jeffrey Elkner, Chris Meyers, Python for Software Design: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist (programming languages) free to read, modify, and sell

Allen B. Downey, How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, C++ Version (programming languages) free to read, modify, and sell

Allen B. Downey, Learning Perl the Hard Way (programming languages) free to read, modify, and sell

Micah Dubinko, XForms Essentials

R. Kent Dybvig, Scheme Programming Language, The (programming languages)

David J. Eck, Introduction to Programming Using Java (programming languages) free to read, modify, and sell

Bruce Eckel, Thinking in Patterns with Java (programming languages) free to read, modify, and sell

Robert Eckstein, David Collier-Brown, Peter Kelly, Using Samba (internet and networking)

Victor Eijkhout, Computer Science of TeX and LaTeX, The (applications)

Victor Eijkhout, Introduction to High Performance Scientific Computing

Victor Eijkhout, TeX by Topic, A TeXnician’s Reference (applications) free to read, modify, and sell

Electronic Frontier Foundation, Big Dummy’s Guide to the Internet (internet and networking)

Electronic Frontier Foundation, Cracking DES: Secrets of Encryption Research, Wiretap Politics, and Chip Design (security and cryptography)

Matthias Felleisen, Robert Bruce Findler, Matthew Flatt, Shriram Krishnamurthi, How to Design Programs: An Introduction to Programming and Computing (general programming)

Craig A. Finseth, Craft of Text Editing, the, or Emacs for the Modern World (applications)

Peter Flynn, Formatting Information

Karl Fogel, Open Source Development With CVS free to read, modify, and sell

Andrew Ford, Spinning the Web: How to Provide Information on the Internet, (internet and networking)

Ian Foster, Designing and Building Parallel Programs

E.FJ Foster-Johnson, RPM Guide (Fedora) (operating systems)

Antony Fountain, Paula Ferguson, Motif Reference Manual free to read, modify, and sell

FreeBSD Documentation Project, FreeBSD Handbook (operating systems) free to read, modify, and sell

Machtelt Garrels, Bash Guide for Beginners (general programming)

Machtelt Garrels, Introduction to Linux - A Hands on Guide (operating systems)

Vivek Gite, Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial: A Beginner’s Handbook (general programming)

Michel X. Goemans, Advanced Algorithms Course Notes

Oded Goldreich, Foundations of Cryptography, The (security and cryptography)

Sven Goldt, Sven van der Meer, Scott Burkett, Matt Welsh, Linux Programmer’s Guide, The (operating systems)

John Goodwin, E-Mail 101 (internet and networking)

Ian Graham, Introduction To HTML and URLs (internet and networking)

Paul Graham, On Lisp (programming languages)

George Gratzer, Math into LaTeX: An Introduction to LaTeX and AMS-LaTeX (applications)

Harvey Greenberg, Simplified Introduction to LaTeX, A (applications)

Philip Greenspun, Database-backed Web Sites (internet and networking)

Philip Greenspun, Philip and Alex’s Guide to Web Publishing (internet and networking)

Philip Greenspun, SQL for Web Nerds (internet and networking)

Roelofs Greg, PNG: The Definitive Guide free to read, modify, and sell

Dick Grune, Ceriel J.H. Jacobs, Parsing Techniques - A Practical Guide

Shishir Gundavaram, CGI Programming on the World Wide Web (internet and networking)

Mark Handley, Jon Crowcroft, World Wide Web, The - Beneath the Surf (internet and networking)

Michael Hartl, Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Web Development with Rails (applications)

Dan Heller, Paula Ferguson, David Brennan, Motif Programming Manual free to read, modify, and sell

Steve Heller, Optimizing C++ (programming languages)

Steve Heller, Who’s Afraid of Java? (programming languages)

Gerald J. Holzmann, Design and Validation of Computer Protocols

Randall Hyde, Art of Assembly Language Programming, The

Roberto Ierusalimschy, Programming in Lua (programming languages)

KernelBook Project, Functional and Design Specifications Documents for Linux 2.4 Kernel (operating systems) free to read, modify, and sell

Olaf Kirch, Terry Dawson, Linux Network Administrator’s Guide (operating systems)

Gary Knott, Interpreting Lisp (programming languages)

H.T. Kung, Traffic Management for High-Speed Networks (internet and networking)

David B. Lamkins, Successful Lisp (programming languages)

Greg Lavender, Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures Using C++

Greg Lavender, Undergraduate Programming Languages

David S. Lawyer, Modem-HOWTO

J. Lazzaro, John Wawrzynek, MPEG-4 Structured Audio Book, The (digital signal processing)

John Levine, Linkers and Loaders (programming languages)

Linux Documentation Project, Linux Documentation Project Guides, The (operating systems)

John Lockwood, Computer Engineering: Assembly Language (general programming)

Tim Love, More C++ (programming languages)

Patrick J. Lynch, Web Style Guide: Basic Design Principles for Creating Web Sites (internet and networking)

Simon Marlow, Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell (programming languages)

A.D. Marshall, Programming in C: Unix system Calls and Subroutines Using C (operating systems)

Gary McGraw, Ed Felten, Securing Java: Getting Down to Business with Mobile Code (programming languages)

Bill McQuain, Data Structures and File Management

Alfred J. Menezes, Paul C. Van Oorschot, Scott A. Vanstone, Handbook of Applied Cryptography (security and cryptography)

David Mertz, Text Processing in Python (programming languages)

Bruce Momjian, PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts

Peter Muller, Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Using C++ (programming languages)

Kevin Murphy, Probabilistic Machine Learning (artificial intelligence)

National Research Council (U.S.), Realizing the Information Future: The Internet and Beyond (internet and networking)

Dan Nguyen, Bastards Book of Ruby, The (programming languages)

H.R.N. Nielson, F.N. Nielson, Semantics with Applications: A Formal Introduction (programming languages)

Oscar Nierstrasz, Dennis Tsichritzis, Object-Oriented Software Composition (general programming)

Nils J. Nilsson, Introduction to Machine Learning (artificial intelligence)

Ulf Nilsson, Jan Maluszynski, Logic, Programming and Prolog

Tobias Oetiker, Hubert Partl, Irene Hyna, Elisabeth Schlegl, Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX2e, The (applications) free to read, modify, and sell

Bryan OSullivan, Don Stewart, John Goerzen, Real World Haskell (programming languages)

Clive G. Page, Professional Programmer’s Guide to Fortran77 (programming languages) free to read, modify, and sell

Oskar Pearson, Squid: A User’s Guide

Jerry Peek, MH & xmh: Email for Users & Programmers free to read, modify, and sell

Michel Pelletier, Amos Latteier, Paul Everitt, Zope Book, The

K.M. Pitman, HyperSpec: The ANSI Standard for Common Lisp (programming languages)

Robi Polikar, Wavelet Tutorial, The – The Engineer’s Ultimate Guide to Wavelet Analysis (digital signal processing)

Ori Pomerantz, Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide (operating systems) free to read, modify, and sell

John Preskill, Quantum Computation

Chris Radcliff, Perl for the Web (programming languages)

C.V. Radhakrishnan, LaTeX Primer (applications) free to read, modify, and sell

Paul Raines, Tcl/Tk Quick Reference (programming languages)

Eric S. Raymond, Art Of Unix Programming, The (operating systems)

Eric S. Raymond, Cathedral and the Bazaar, The

Eric S. Raymond, New Hacker’s Dictionary, The

Robert L. Read, How To Be a Programmer free to read, modify, and sell

Keith Reckdahl, Using Imported Graphics in LaTeX2e Documents (applications)

Sandy Ressler, Art of Electronic Publishing, The: The Internet and Beyond (internet and networking)

Howard Rheingold, Tools For Thought

Howard Rheingold, Virtual Community, The (internet and networking)

Keith Van Rijsbergen, Information Retrieval

Gene I. Rochlin, Trapped in the Net: The Unanticipated Consequences of Computerization

Dave Rolsky, Ken Williams, Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason (programming languages) free to read, modify, and sell

Steven M. Rubin, Computer Aids for VLSI Design

Alessandro Rubini, Jonathan Corbet, Linux Device Drivers (operating systems) free to read, modify, and sell

Zed A. Shaw, Learn python the hard way (programming languages)

John R. Sheets, Writing GNOME Applications (operating systems) free to read, modify, and sell

Dorai Sitaram, Teach Yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days (programming languages)

Steven W. Smith, Scientist and Engineer’s Guide to Digital Signal Processing, The (digital signal processing)

J.M. Spivey, Introduction to Logic Programming through Prolog, An

Jonathan Stark, Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: Making App Store Apps Without Objective-C or Cocoa (general programming)

Bob Stayton, DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide (applications)

Guy L. Steele, Common Lisp the Language (programming languages)

Michael Stutz, Linux Cookbook, The: Tips and Techniques for Everyday Use (operating systems) free to read, modify, and sell

Madhu Sudhan, Essential Coding Theory (security and cryptography)

Michael Sweet, Serial Programming Guide for POSIX Operating Systems (general programming) free to read, modify, and sell

Al Sweigart, Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python (general programming)

Stephen L. Talbott, Future Does Not Compute, The - Transcending the Machines in Our Midst

P.D. Terry, Compilers and Compiler Generators: An Introduction With C++ (programming languages)

Dave Thomas, Andy Hunt, Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer’s Guide (programming languages) free to read, modify, and sell

Keir Thomas, Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference (operating systems)

David S. Touretzky, Common Lisp: A Gentle Introduction to Symbolic Computation (programming languages)

Guido van Rossum, Python Tutorial (programming languages)

Aizik I. Volpert, Vitaly A. Volpert, Vladimir A. Volpert, Traveling Wave Solutions of Parabolic Systems (digital signal processing)

Norman Walsh, Making TeX Work (applications)

Norman Walsh, Leonard Muellner, DocBook: The Definitive Guide (applications)

Matt Welsh, Phil Hughes, David Bandel, Boris Beletsky, Sean Derilinger, Linux Installation and Getting Started (operating systems) free to read, modify, and sell

Darrell Whitley, Genetic Algorithm Tutorial, A

Michael Widenius, David Axmark, MySQL Reference Manual

Herbert Wilf, Algorithms and Complexity

Sam Williams, Free as in Freedom: Richard Stallman’s Crusade for Free Software free to read, modify, and sell

Brendon Wilson, JXTA

Lars Wirzenius, Joanna Oja, Linux System Administrators’ Guide, The (operating systems) free to read, modify, and sell

Clinton Wong, Web Client Programming with Perl: Automating Tasks on the Web (programming languages)

John Worsley, Joshua Drake, Practical PostgreSQL free to read, modify, and sell

Symeon Xenitellis, Open-Source PKI Book, The free to read, modify, and sell

Yechiam Yemini, Network Book, The (internet and networking)

John Zukowski, Java AWT Reference (programming languages)

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