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Aaron Allston, Doc Sidhe

Christopher Anvil, Pandora’s Legions

Made It Way Up Arbuckle, Made It Way Up free to read, modify, and sell

Omer A. Bangash, Afsanay: Pehli Saa’f aur doosri Kahanian

Marion Zimmer Bradley, Colors of Space, The

Mayer Alan Brenner, Spell of Catastrophe

Mayer Alan Brenner, Spell of Intrigue

Mike Brotherton, Star Dragon

Lois McMaster Bujold, Mountains of Mourning

John W. Campbell Jr., Black Star Passes, The

John W. Campbell Jr., Invaders from the Infinite

John W. Campbell Jr., Islands of Space

Mark Cantrell, Uranium Fist

C.A. Childers, Always Be Closing

C.A. Childers, Education for Field Mice, An

Michael Cooper, Runaway Asteroid, The

Ray Cummings, Brigands of the Moon

Rick Dakan, Geek Mafia

Rick Dakan, Mile Zero

John Dalmas, Lion of Farside

Mike DeBaptiste, Danger on the Gold Trail

Mike DeBaptiste, Search for the Eternal Flame, The

Lester del Rey, Police Your Planet

Cory Doctorow, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

Cory Doctorow, Eastern Standard Tribe

Cory Doctorow, Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town

David Drake, Cross the Stars

David Drake, Eric Flint, Oblique Approach, An

David Drake, Lt. Leary Commanding

David Drake, Northworld

David Drake, Old Nathan

David Drake, Paying the Piper

David Drake, Redliners

David Drake, Sea Hag, The

David Drake, Tank Lords

David Drake, Tyrant, The

David Drake, With the Lightnings

Jonathan Dunn, Revolutions of Time, The

Rose Edghill, Warslayer, The

Linda Evans, Far Edge of Darkness

Linda Evans, Sleipnir

Philip Jose Farmer, Green Odyssey, The

Eric Flint, 1632

Eric Flint, 1633

Eric Flint, Course of Empire, The

Eric Flint, David Drake, Destiny’s Shield

Eric Flint, David Drake, In the Heart of Darkness

Eric Flint, Forward the Mage

Eric Flint, Dave Freer, Genie Out of the Bottle

Eric Flint, Dave Freer, Mercedes Lackey, Shadow of the Lion, The

Eric Flint, Dave Freer, Pyramid Scheme

Eric Flint, Dave Freer, Rats, Bats and Vats

Eric Flint, Mother of Demons

Eric Flint, Philosophical Strangler, The

Faisal Fransu, Magica

Faisal Fransu, New Jerusalem

Dave Freer, Forlorn, The

David D. Friedman, Salamander

Mark Garland, Charles G. McGraw, Demon Blade

Gordon Randall Garrett, Laurence Mark Janifer, Brain Twister

Henry Gee, Sigil, The

James C. Glass, Shanji

R. Hunter Gough, Lisa Star and the Solstice Academy

Roland Green, John F. Carr, Great Kings’ War

Ellen Guon, Bedlam Boyz

Edmond Hamilton, City at World’s End

Homer, Benjamin Crowell, Iliad free to read, modify, and sell

Marc Horne, Tokyo Zero

Thane Hounchell, As Skies Became Crimson

Chris Howard, Nanowhere

Richard Kadrey, Blind Shrike

Lucy Kemnitzer, Donor, The

Helen Kenyon, Legacy of War, A

Karen Koehler, Slayer

Jenifer Kurtz, American Literature I: An Anthology of Texts From Early America Through the Civil War free to read, modify, and sell

Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon, Born to Run

Mercedes Lackey, Rose Edghill, Beyond World’s End

Mercedes Lackey, Lark and the Wren, The

Keith Laumer, Lighter Side

Keith Laumer, Odyssey

Keith Laumer, Retief!

Christopher Leadem, Mantooth, The

Christopher Leadem, Oberheim (Voices): A Chronicle of War

Murray Leinster, Med Ship

Murray Leinster, Operation: Outer Space

Murray Leinster, Operation Terror

Murray Leinster, Planets of Adventure

Murray Leinster, Space Tug

Kelly Link, Stranger Things Happen

Holly Lisle, Fire In the Mist

Holly Lisle, Sympathy for the Devil

Steven E. McDonald, Janus Syndrome, The

Wayne Miller, This Blue Ball

Patrick Misterovich, Fisherman and His Wife, The

Meyer Moldeven, Universe - or Nothing, The

James Morris, Escapist, The

Jim Munroe, Everyone In Silico

Jim Munroe, Flyboy Action Figure Comes With Gasmask

M.A. Newhall, Thicker Than Blood

Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Michael Flynn, Fallen Angels

Andre Norton, Defiant Agents, The

Andre Norton, Key Out of Time

Andre Norton, Plague Ship

Andre Norton, Ralestone Luck

Andre Norton, Rebel Spurs

Andre Norton, Star Born

Andre Norton, Star Soldiers

Andre Norton, Storm Over Warlock

Andre Norton, Time Traders

Walter D. Petrovic, Scorched Earth

Robert Petty, Human Company

H. Beam Piper, Cosmic Computer, The

H. Beam Piper, Four-Day Planet

Blackbird Crow Raven, Zany Time Travels of Warble McGorkle, The

John Ringo, Gust Front

John Ringo, Hymn Before Battle

Carey Rockwell, Danger in Deep Space

Carey Rockwell, On the Trail of the Space Pirates

Carey Rockwell, Revolt on Venus, The

Carey Rockwell, Sabotage in Space

Carey Rockwell, Space Pioneers, The

Carey Rockwell, Stand by for Mars!

Carey Rockwell, Treachery in Outer Space

Rudy Rucker, Postsingular

John Scalzi, Agent to the Stars

Robert J. Shea, All Things Are Lights

Clifford Donald Simak, Empire

George Oliver Smith, Fourth R, The

E.E. “Doc” Smith, Galaxy Primes, The

E.E. “Doc” Smith, Skylark of Space, The

E.E. “Doc” Smith, Skylark Three

E.E. “Doc” Smith, Spacehounds of IPC

E.E. “Doc” Smith, Triplanetary

Ryk Spoor, Digital Knight

D.W. St. John, Sisters of Glass

Jason Stoddard, Winning Mars

Charles Stross, Accelerando

Han Li Thorn, Zendyne

Erwin Van De Vijver, Bewolkt met mooie regenvlagen

Erwin Van De Vijver, Tussen donder en zee

Lars Walker, Wolf Time

Peter Watts, Behemoth

Peter Watts, Blindsight

Peter Watts, Maelstrom

Peter Watts, Starfish

David Weber, Apocalypse Troll, The

David Weber, Changer of Worlds

David Weber, Crusade

David Weber, Honor of the Queen, The

David Weber, Mutineer’s Moon

David Weber, Oath of Swords

David Weber, On Basilisk Station

David Weber, John Ringo, March to the Sea

David Weber, John Ringo, March Upcountry

David Weber, War God’s Own, The

K.D. Wentworth, Black on Black

K.D. Wentworth, Stars Over Stars

Nicholas Westerby, Polish Experience, The

Michael Z. Williamson, Freehold

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