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Douglas N. Arnold, Complex Analysis

Douglas N. Arnold, Functional Analysis

Carol Ash, Advanced Calculus Notes

Carol Ash, Differential Equations Notes

Robert Ash, W.P. Novinger, Complex Variables

Andrew Baker, Introduction to p-adic Numbers and p-adic Analysis, An

James Binney, Functions of a Complex Variable

Matt Boelkins, David Austin, Steven Schlicker, Active Calculus

George Cain, Complex Analysis

George Cain, James Herod, Multivariable Calculus

T.K. Carne, Further Analysis

William Chen, Introduction to Complex Analysis

William Chen, Introduction to Lebesgue Integration

William Chen, Linear Functional Analysis

Carmen Chicone, Richard Swanson, Linearization via the Lie Derivative

Krzysztof Ciesielski, Set Theoretic Real Analysis

Ian Craw, Advanced Calculus and Analysis

Benjamin Crowell, Fundamentals of Calculus free to read, modify, and sell

Eoin Curran, Analysis

John M. Erdman, A Companion to Real Analysis

John M. Erdman, A ProblemText in Advanced Calculus

Alison Etheridge, Stochastic Calculus for Finance

David H. Fremlin, Complex Analysis II

Paul Garrett, Calculus refresher free to read, modify, and sell

Paul Garrett, Functional Analysis Notes

Casper Goffman, Togo Nishiura, Daniel Waterman, Homeomorphisms in Analysis

W. Gomez, J. Guddat, H.Th. Jongen, J.-J Rückmann, C. Solano, Curvas Criticas y Saltos en Optimizacion No Lineal

David Guichard, Neal Koblitz, Community calculus

Gregory Hartman, Brian Heinold, Troy Siemers, Dimplekumar Chalishajar, Calculus

Robert A. Herrmann, Some Applications of Nonstandard Analysis to Advanced Undergraduate Mathematics – Infinitesimal Modeling, Elementary Physics, Generalized Functions

Einar Hille, R. S. Phillips, Functional Analysis and Semi-Groups

Nigel Hitchin, Differentiable Manifolds

mathai Joseph, Real-time Systems: Specification, Verification and Analysis

M.S. Joshi, A.J. Wassermann, Partial Differential Equations Lecture Notes

Jerome H. Keisler, Elementary Calculus: An Approach Using Infinitesimals

Jerome H. Keisler, Foundations of Infinitesimal Calculus

Andreas Kriegl, Peter W. Michor, Convenient Setting of Global Analysis, The

Ken Kubota, Multivariate Calculus Lectures

Lee Lady, Topics in Calculus

J.K. Langley, Analysis

J.K. Langley, Complex Analysis

J.K. Langley, Functions of a Complex Variable

L. Larson, Real Analysis Lecture Notes

Boris Yakovlevich Levin, Lectures on Entire Functions

V. Liskevich, Measure Theory

Michael Livshits, Calculus free to read, modify, and sell

J. E. Marsden, Alan Weinstein, Calculus Unlimited

Barry Mazur, William Stein, What is Riemann’s Hypothesis?

Harold V. McIntosh, Complex Analysis

Richard Melrose, Differential Analysis On Manifolds With Corners

Carl D. Meyer, Matrix Analysis and Applied Linear Algebra

J. Milnor, Dynamics in One Complex Variable: Introductory Lectures

Sam Nadler, Real Analysis

Gabriel Nagy, Real Analysis

John Lindsay Orr, Analysis Webnotes

Joel Robbin, Sigurd Angenent, First-semester calculus free to read, modify, and sell

Joel Robbin, Sigurd Angenent, Second-semester calculus free to read, modify, and sell

Yuri Safarov, Basic Analysis

Yuri Safarov, Real Analysis

N. A. Sanin, Constructive Real Numbers and Constructive Function Spaces

Evgeny Shchepin, Lectures on Calculus

R. E. Showalter, Hilbert Space Methods for Partial Differential Equations

R. E. Showalter, Monotone Operators in Banach Space and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

Evelyn Silvia, Advanced Calculus Notes

Dan Sloughter, Calculus of Functions of Several Variables, The

Dan Sloughter, Difference Equations to Differential Equations: An Introduction to Calculus

Gilbert Strang, Calculus

Gilbert Strang, Calculus 3

Claus Tondering, Surreal Numbers – An Introduction

William F. Trench, Introduction to Real Analysis

Bert G. Wachsmuth, Interactive Real Analysis

Klaus Weihrauch, Simple Introduction to Computable Analysis, A

E.T. Whitaker, G. N. Watson, Course of Modern Analysis, A

David R. Wilkins, Analysis

Elias Zakon, Mathematical Analysis I free to read, modify, and sell

Elias Zakon, Mathematical Analysis II

Wojtek Zakrewski, Notes on Partial Differential Equations

Erhan Çinlar, Robert J. Vanderbei, Mathmatical Methods of Engineering Analysis

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