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Jay Abramson, Algebra and trigonometry free to read, modify, and sell

Jay Abramson, Precalculus free to read, modify, and sell

A. D. Aleksandrov, V. A. Zalgaller, Intrinsic Geometry of Surfaces (geometry)

Noga Alon, Joel Spencer, Probabilistic Method, The

Kevin Amaratunga, Wavelets, Filter Banks, and Applications

Douglas N. Arnold, Complex Analysis (analysis)

Douglas N. Arnold, Functional Analysis (analysis)

Sanjeev Arora, Probabilistic Checking of Proofs and Hardness of Approximation Problems (probability and statistics)

Robert Ash, Abstract Algebra: The Basic Graduate Year (abstract algebra)

Carol Ash, Advanced Calculus Notes (analysis)

Carol Ash, Differential Equations Notes (analysis)

Carol Ash, Discrete Math Notes (discrete mathematics)

Carol Ash, Linear algebra (linear algebra)

Robert Ash, W.P. Novinger, Complex Variables (analysis)

Jeremy Avigad, Computability and Incompleteness (logic and set theory)

John C. Baez, Octonions , The

R.A. Bailey, Design of Comparative Experiments

Alan Bain, Stochastic Calculus Notes (probability and statistics)

Andrew Baker, Algebra and Number Theory (abstract algebra)

Andrew Baker, Galois Theory (abstract algebra)

Andrew Baker, Groups, Symmetry, and Fractals (abstract algebra)

Andrew Baker, Introduction to p-adic Numbers and p-adic Analysis, An (analysis)

Andrew Baker, Representations of Finite Groups (abstract algebra)

Thomas Banchoff, Terence Gaffney, Clint McCrory, Daniel Dreibelbis (Web Version), Cusps of Gauss Mappings

Michael Barr, Charles Wells, Toposes, Triples, and Theories

Richard Barrett, Templates for the Solution of Linear Systems: Building Blocks for Iterative Methods (linear algebra)

Oleg A. Belyaev, Fundamentals of Geometry (geometry)

Dave Benson, Mathematics and Music

George M. Bergman, Invitation to General Algebra and Universal Constructions, An (abstract algebra)

A. Betten, H. Fripertinger, A. Kerber, Algebraic Combinatorics Via Finite Group Actions (abstract algebra)

Stefan Bilaniuk, Problem Course in Mathematical Logic, A (logic and set theory)

James Binney, Complex Numbers and Ordinary Differential Equations

James Binney, Functions of a Complex Variable (analysis)

James Binney, Group Theory (abstract algebra)

George D. Birkhoff, Dynamical Systems

Brian Blais, Statistical Inference For Everyone (probability and statistics) free to read, modify, and sell

Matt Boelkins, David Austin, Steven Schlicker, Active Calculus (analysis)

Armand Borel (Ed.), George D. Mostow (Ed.), Algebraic Groups and Discontinuous Subgroups (abstract algebra)

Stephen Boyd, Lieven Vandenberghe, Convex Optimization

Matthew G. Brin, Differential Topology Notes (topology)

Kevin Brown, Algebra (MathPages) (abstract algebra)

Kevin Brown, Calculus and Differential Equations (MathPages)

Kevin Brown, Combinatorics (MathPages) (discrete mathematics)

Kevin Brown, Geometry (MathPages) (geometry)

Kevin Brown, MathPages

Kevin Brown, Number Theory (MathPages) (number theory)

Kevin Brown, Probability and Statistics (MathPages) (probability and statistics)

Kevin Brown, Set Theory and Foundations (MathPages) (logic and set theory)

Stan Brown, Trig Without Tears

Winfried Bruns, Udo Vetter, Determinantal rings (abstract algebra)

Lieven Le Bruyn, Noncommutative Geometry@n (geometry)

Robert Bryant, An Introduction to Lie Groups and Symplectic Geometry

James V. Burke, Fundamentals of Optimization

James V. Burke, Nonlinear Programming with Applications in Financial Optimization

James V. Burke, Numerical Optimization

Stanley N. Burris, H. P. Sankappanavar, Course in Universal Algebra, A (abstract algebra)

Steven Butler, Notes from Trigonometry

Tim Button, Metatheory (logic and set theory) free to read, modify, and sell

Tim Button, Set theory: an open introduction (logic and set theory) free to read, modify, and sell

Robert N. Cahn, Semi-Simple Lie Algebras and their Representations (abstract algebra)

George Cain, Complex Analysis (analysis)

George Cain, James Herod, Multivariable Calculus (analysis)

T.K. Carne, Further Analysis (analysis)

T.K. Carne, Geometry (geometry)

Ching-Li Chai, Algebraic Number Theory (number theory)

Gregory J. Chaitin, Algorithmic Information Theory

Gregory J. Chaitin, Exploring Randomness (probability and statistics)

Gregory J. Chaitin, Information, Randomness & Incompleteness

Gregory J. Chaitin, Information-Theoretic Incompleteness

Gregory J. Chaitin, Limits of Mathematics, The

Gregory J. Chaitin, Unknowable, The

Jianer Chen, Computational Geometry (geometry)

William Chen, Distribution of Prime Numbers (number theory)

William Chen, First Year Mathematics

William Chen, Introduction to Complex Analysis (analysis)

William Chen, Introduction to Lebesgue Integration (analysis)

William Chen, Linear Algebra (linear algebra)

William Chen, Linear Functional Analysis (analysis)

Carmen Chicone, Richard Swanson, Linearization via the Lie Derivative (analysis)

I. D. Chueshov, Introduction to the Theory of Infinite-Dimensional Dissipative Systems

Krzysztof Ciesielski, Set Theoretic Real Analysis (analysis)

Edwin Clark, Elementary Abstract Algebra (abstract algebra)

Edwin Clark, Elementary Number Theory (number theory)

Bon Clarke, Fourier Theory Lecture Notes

David H. Collingwood, K. David Prince, Precalculus free to read, modify, and sell

George W. II Collins, Fundamental Numerical Methods and Data Analysis

Edwin H. Connell, Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra (linear algebra)

John Conway, Peter Doyle, Jane Gilman, Bill Thurston, Geometry and the Imagination (geometry)

David A. Cox, Introduction to algebraic geometry (geometry)

Ian Craw, Advanced Calculus and Analysis (analysis)

Benjamin Crowell, Fundamentals of Calculus (analysis) free to read, modify, and sell

Matthew J.C. Crump, Danielle J. Navarro, Jeffrey Suzuki, Answering questions with data (probability and statistics) free to read, modify, and sell

Eoin Curran, Analysis (analysis)

Eoin Curran, Linear Algebra, Tensors, and Differentials (linear algebra)

Eoin Curran, Representation Theory

Predrag Cvitanovic, Chaos – Classical and Quantum

Predrag Cvitanovic, Group theory: birdtracks, Lie’s, and exceptional groups (abstract algebra)

David Darmofal, Computational Methods in Aerospace Engineering

C. DeBoor, Approximation Theory

Craig DeLancey, Concise introduction to logic, a (logic and set theory) free to read, modify, and sell

Dennis Deturck, Herbert Wilf, Lectures on Numerical Analysis (numerical analysis)

R. DeVore, Nonlinear Approximation

Reinhard Diestel, Graph Theory (discrete mathematics)

Igor V. Dolgachev, Introduction to Algebraic Geometry (geometry)

Igor V. Dolgachev, Lectures on Invariant Theory

Igor V. Dolgachev, Modular Forms

Chris Doran, Lecture Course in Geometric Algebra, A

Lou van den Dries, Mathematical Logic (logic and set theory)

Antony Eagle, Elements of deductive logic (logic and set theory) free to read, modify, and sell

Shalosh B. Ekhad XIV, Plane Geometry: An Elementary Textbook (geometry)

N. Elkies, Introduction to Analytic Number Theory (number theory)

Charles Epstein, Richard Melrose, Gerardo Mendoza, Heisenberg Algebra, The, Index Theory and Homology (abstract algebra)

John M. Erdman, A Companion to Real Analysis (analysis)

John M. Erdman, A ProblemText in Advanced Calculus (analysis)

Alison Etheridge, Stochastic Calculus for Finance (analysis)

Euclid, Elements (geometry)

V.I. Fabrikant, Applications of Potential Theory in Mechanics

V.I. Fabrikant, Mixed Boundary Value Problems of Potential Theory and their Applications in Engineering

Kenny Felder, Advanced Algebra II free to read, modify, and sell

Matthias Felleisen, Phokion Kolaitis, Ian Barland, John Greiner, Moshe Vardi, Intro to Logic (logic and set theory) free to read, modify, and sell

I. Fesenko, Commutative Algebra (abstract algebra)

I. Fesenko, Homological Algebra (abstract algebra)

I. Fesenko, Introduction to Algebraic Number Theory (number theory)

I. Fesenko, Introduction to Number Theory (number theory)

Maarten M. Fokkinga, Gentle Introduction to Category Theory, A – The Calculational Approach

John Erik Fornæss, Complex Dynamics

Thomas Forster, Lectures on Set Theory (topology)

David H. Fremlin, Combinatorics (discrete mathematics)

David H. Fremlin, Complex Analysis II (analysis)

David H. Fremlin, Finite Mathematics (discrete mathematics)

David H. Fremlin, Group Theory (abstract algebra)

David H. Fremlin, Normed Spaces

Erland Gadde, Foundations of Nonstandard Analysis Without Urelements (logic and set theory)

Tony Gardiner, Alexandre Borovik, Essence of Mathematics Through Elementary Problems, The

Paul Garrett, Buildings Book

Paul Garrett, Calculus refresher (analysis) free to read, modify, and sell

Paul Garrett, Functional Analysis Notes (analysis)

Paul Garrett, Introduction to Abstract Algebra (abstract algebra)

Paul Garrett, Vignettes on automorphic forms, representations, L-functions, and number theory (number theory)

U. H. Gerlach, Linear Mathematics in Infinite Dimensions: Signals, Boundary Value Problems, and Special Functions

Peter B. Gilkey, Invariance Theory, the Heat Equation, and the Atiyah-Singer Index Theorem

Peter B. Gilkey, John V. Leahy, Jeonghyeong Park, Spinors, Spectral Geometry, and Riemannian Submersions (geometry)

Casper Goffman, Togo Nishiura, Daniel Waterman, Homeomorphisms in Analysis (analysis)

Oded Goldreich, Introduction to Complexity Theory: Lecture Notes

Oded Goldreich, Probabilistic Proof Systems (probability and statistics)

W. Gomez, J. Guddat, H.Th. Jongen, J.-J Rückmann, C. Solano, Curvas Criticas y Saltos en Optimizacion No Lineal (analysis)

Andrew Goodall, Communication Theory

Daniel Gorenstein, Richard Lyons, Ronald Solomon, Classification of the Finite Simple Groups, The (abstract algebra)

R. M. Gray, Entropy and Information Theory

Sigmundur Gudmundsson, Introduction to Riemannian Geometry, An (geometry)

David Guichard, Neal Koblitz, Community calculus (analysis)

Victor Guillemin, Shlomo Sternberg, Geometric Asymptotics (geometry)

B. Hajek, Exploration of Random Processes for Engineers, An (probability and statistics)

Michael Hallett, Intermediate logic: an open introduction (logic and set theory) free to read, modify, and sell

Sir William Rowan Hamilton, David R. Wilkins, Sir William Rowan Hamilton (1805-1865): Mathematical Papers

Pierre de la Harpe, Vaughan Jones, Introduction to C* - Algebras, An (abstract algebra)

Evans M. Harrell II, James Herod, Linear Methods of Applied Mathematics – Orthogonal series, boundary-value problems and integral operators

Gregory Hartman, Brian Heinold, Troy Siemers, Dimplekumar Chalishajar, Calculus (analysis)

Allen Hatcher, Algebraic Topology (topology)

Heath-Brown, Elementary Number Theory (number theory)

Jim Hefferon, Linear Algebra (linear algebra) free to read, modify, and sell

James Herod, Linear Algebra, Infinite Dimensions, and Maple (linear algebra)

Robert A. Herrmann, Logic for Everyone (logic and set theory)

Robert A. Herrmann, Some Applications of Nonstandard Analysis to Advanced Undergraduate Mathematics – Infinitesimal Modeling, Elementary Physics, Generalized Functions (analysis)

Robert A. Herrmann, Ultralogics and More (logic and set theory)

Einar Hille, R. S. Phillips, Functional Analysis and Semi-Groups (analysis)

Holly P. Hirst, Jeffry Hirst, Primer for Logic and Proof, A (logic and set theory)

Nigel Hitchin, Differentiable Manifolds (analysis)

Nigel Hitchin, Projective Geometry (geometry)

Jerome William Hoffman, Algebraic Number Theory (number theory)

Forrest Hoffman, Introduction to Fourier Theory, An

R.R. Horgan, Statistical Field Theory (probability and statistics)

Peter Hunter, Andrew Pullan, Finite Element Method / Boundary Element Method Notes

Bruce Ikenaga, Abstract Algebra I and II Notes (abstract algebra)

Barbara Illowsky, Susan Dean, Introductory statistics (probability and statistics) free to read, modify, and sell

A. Iserles, Numerical Analysis II (numerical analysis)

Slavik V. Jablan, Symmetry and Ornament

Nathan Jacobson, Structure and Representations of Jordan Algebras (abstract algebra)

E. T. Jaynes, Probability Theory: The Logic of Science (probability and statistics)

Tommy R. Jensen, Bjarne Toft, Graph Coloring Problems

mathai Joseph, Real-time Systems: Specification, Verification and Analysis (analysis)

M.S. Joshi, A.J. Wassermann, Partial Differential Equations Lecture Notes (analysis)

D.E. Joyce, Euclid’s Elements (geometry)

Thomas W. Judson, Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications (abstract algebra) free to read, modify, and sell

Autar Kaw, Introduction to Matrix Algebra (linear algebra)

Jerome H. Keisler, Elementary Calculus: An Approach Using Infinitesimals (analysis)

Jerome H. Keisler, Foundations of Infinitesimal Calculus (analysis)

F. P. Kelly, Reversibility and Stochastic Networks (probability and statistics)

Alan U. Kennington, Differential geometry reconstructed: a unified systematic framework (geometry)

Richard Koch, Differential Geometry Notes (geometry)

Ivan Kolar, Jan Slovak, Peter W. Michor, Natural Operations in Differential Geometry (geometry)

janos Kollar, Resolution of Singularities (geometry)

Andreas Kriegl, Peter W. Michor, Convenient Setting of Global Analysis, The (analysis)

Ken Kubota, College Algebra

Ken Kubota, Multivariate Calculus Lectures (analysis)

Guido Kuersteiner, Time Series Analysis

Lee Lady, Abstract Algebra Notes (abstract algebra)

Lee Lady, Course In Homological Algebra, A (abstract algebra)

Lee Lady, Finite Rank Torsion Free Modules Over Dedekind Domains (abstract algebra)

Lee Lady, Number Theory, Combinatorics, and Differential Geometry Notes (geometry)

Lee Lady, Topics in Calculus (analysis)

J. L. Lagrange, Lectures on Elementary Mathematics

Joseph M. Landsberg, Algebraic geometry and projective differential geometry (geometry)

N. P. Landsman, Lecture notes on C-algebras, Hilbert C-Modules, and quantum Mechanics (abstract algebra)

David M. Lane, HyperStat Online: An Introductory Statistics Book and Online Tutorial for Help in Statistics Courses (probability and statistics)

David Lane, David Scott, Mikki Hebl, Rudy Guerra, Dan Osheron, Heidi Zimmer, Introduction to Statistics (probability and statistics) free to read, modify, and sell

J.K. Langley, Analysis (analysis)

J.K. Langley, Complex Analysis (analysis)

J.K. Langley, Functions of a Complex Variable (analysis)

L. Larson, Real Analysis Lecture Notes (analysis)

Graham Leach-Krouse, Jake Ehrlich, Carnap book, the (logic and set theory) free to read, modify, and sell

Solomon Lefschetz, Algebraic Topology (abstract algebra)

Oscar Levin, Discrete mathematics: an open introduction (discrete mathematics) free to read, modify, and sell

Boris Yakovlevich Levin, Lectures on Entire Functions (analysis)

Marc Levine, Mixed Motives

V. Liskevich, Measure Theory (analysis)

Michael Livshits, Calculus (analysis) free to read, modify, and sell

Laszlo Lovasz, Discrete Mathematics and Computation

Laszlo Lovasz, Peter Gacs (Trans.), Computation Complexity

Gabriel Lugo, Differential Geometry (geometry)

Daniel Lunn, Statistics (probability and statistics)

Zhaohua Luo, Algebraic Categories

David J. C. MacKay Dr., Information Theory, Inference and Learning Algorithms

P.D. Magnus, forall x (logic and set theory) free to read, modify, and sell

Lynn Marecek, MaryAnne Anthony-Smith, Andrea Honeycutt Mathis, Prealgebra free to read, modify, and sell

J. E. Marsden, Alan Weinstein, Calculus Unlimited (analysis)

Keith Matthews, Elementary Linear Algebra (linear algebra)

Barry Mazur, William Stein, What is Riemann’s Hypothesis? (analysis)

Aisling McCluskey, Brian McMaster, Topology Course Lecture Notes (topology)

Harold V. McIntosh, Complex Analysis (analysis)

Richard Melrose, Atiyah-Patodi-Singer Index Theorem, The

Richard Melrose, Differential Analysis On Manifolds With Corners (analysis)

Richard Melrose, Geometric Scattering Theory

Carl D. Meyer, Matrix Analysis and Applied Linear Algebra (analysis)

D. Michie, D. J. Spiegelhalter, C. C. Taylor, Machine Learning, Neural and Statistical Classification (probability and statistics)

Peter W. Michor, Topics in Differential Geometry (geometry)

J. S. Milne, Abelian Varieties

J. S. Milne, Algebraic Geometry (geometry)

J. S. Milne, Algebraic Number Theory (number theory)

J. S. Milne, Class Field Theory

J. S. Milne, Elliptic Curves

J. S. Milne, Fields and Galois Theory (abstract algebra)

J. S. Milne, Group Theory (abstract algebra)

J. S. Milne, Lectures on Etale Cohomology

J. S. Milne, Modular Functions and Modular Forms

J. Milnor, Dynamics in One Complex Variable: Introductory Lectures (analysis)

Dave Witte Morris, Joy Morris, Proofs and Concepts (logic and set theory)

Sidney A. Morris, Topology Without Tears (topology)

Leo Moser, Introduction to the Theory of Numbers, An (number theory)

Michael Murray, Differential Geometry (geometry)

Sam Nadler, Real Analysis (analysis)

Gabriel Nagy, Real Analysis (analysis)

John Lindsay Orr, Analysis Webnotes (analysis)

Nicholas Patrikalakis, Computational Geometry (geometry)

Marko Petkovsek, Herbert Wilf, Doron Zeilberger, A=B

Oleg Pikhurko, Algebraic Methods in Combinatorics (abstract algebra)

K. Podnieks, Around Goedel’s Theorem (logic and set theory)

Russell A. Poldrack, Statistical Thinking for the 21st Century (probability and statistics)

Mark Pollicott, Michiko Yuri, Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory

Jonathan Poritz, Lies, Damned Lies, or Statistics: How to Tell the Truth with Statistics (probability and statistics) free to read, modify, and sell

Victor Porton, Algebraic General Topology, Volume 1 (topology) free to read, modify, and sell

F. Przytycki, M. Urbanski, Fractals in the Plane – The Ergodic Theory Methods

John Rawnsley, Symplectic Geometry and Momentum Maps (geometry)

Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann, David R. Wilkins, Mathematical Papers of Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann (1826-1866), The

Joseph Fels Ritt, Differential Algebra (abstract algebra)

Joel Robbin, Sigurd Angenent, First-semester calculus (analysis) free to read, modify, and sell

Joel Robbin, Sigurd Angenent, Second-semester calculus (analysis) free to read, modify, and sell

Yuri Safarov, Basic Analysis (analysis)

Yuri Safarov, Fourier Analysis

Yuri Safarov, Real Analysis (analysis)

N. A. Sanin, Constructive Real Numbers and Constructive Function Spaces (analysis)

Peter Savaliev, Topology illustrated (topology)

Ralph-Hardo Schulz, Mathematische Aspekte der Angewandten Informatik

A. Shadrin, Numerical Analysis (numerical analysis)

Stewart Shapiro, Classical Logic (logic and set theory)

Ruslan Sharipov, Course of Linear Algebra and Multidimensional Geometry (linear algebra)

Evgeny Shchepin, Lectures on Calculus (analysis)

R. E. Showalter, Hilbert Space Methods for Partial Differential Equations (analysis)

R. E. Showalter, Monotone Operators in Banach Space and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations (analysis)

Steven Shreve, Lectures on Stochastic Calculus and Finance (probability and statistics)

Stephen Siklos, Advanced Problems in Mathematics: Preparing for University

Ana Cannas da Silva, Lectures on Symplectic Geometry (geometry)

Alice Silverberg, Open Questions in Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry (geometry)

Evelyn Silvia, Advanced Calculus Notes (analysis)

Stephen G. Simpson, Mathematical Logic (logic and set theory)

Dan Sloughter, Calculus of Functions of Several Variables, The (analysis)

Dan Sloughter, Difference Equations to Differential Equations: An Introduction to Calculus (analysis)

John L. Stensby, Numerical Linear Algebra (linear algebra)

John L. Stensby, Random Signals and Noise

Gilbert Strang, Calculus (analysis)

Gilbert Strang, Calculus 3 (analysis)

Peter Suber, Symbolic Logic (logic and set theory)

Yuri Suhov, Optimization, Quantum Information Theory, Information Theory, Coding Theory, Probability, and Markov Chains (probability and statistics)

Ted Sundstrom, Mathematical Reasoning: Writing and Proof

Peter Sir Swinnerton-Dyer, Dynamical Systems

Paul Taylor, Practical Foundations of Mathematics

Paul Teller, A Modern Formal Logic Primer (logic and set theory) free to read, modify, and sell

Joe F. Thompson, Z.U.A. Warsi, C. Wayne Mastin, Numerical Grid Generation: Foundations and Applications (numerical analysis)

Claus Tondering, Surreal Numbers – An Introduction (analysis)

Sergei Treil, Linear algebra done wrong (linear algebra)

William F. Trench, Introduction to Real Analysis (analysis)

Klaus Truemper, Matroid Decomposition

Noel Vaillant, Probability Tutorials (probability and statistics)

Ravi Vakil, Introduction to Algebraic Geometry (geometry)

Matthew J. Van Cleve, Introduction to logic and critical thinking (logic and set theory) free to read, modify, and sell

Robert J. Vanderbei, Linear Programming: Foundations and Extensions

Srinivasa S.R. Varadhan, Lectures Notes on Analysis, Limit Theorems, Harmonic Analysis, Statistics, and Stochastic Processes

A. N. Varchenko, P. I. Etingof, Why the Boundary of a Round Drop Becomes a Curve of Order Four

Various, OpenTextBook free to read, modify, and sell

Eckart Viehweg, Quasi-projective Moduli for Polarized Manifolds (geometry)

O. Ya. Viro, Textbook in Problems on Elementary Topology (topology)

Bert G. Wachsmuth, Interactive Real Analysis (analysis)

Michal Walicki, Mathematical Logic: An Introduction (logic and set theory)

Stefan Waner, Introduction to Differential Geometry and General Relativity (geometry)

Thomas Ward, Basic Mathematics

Thomas Ward, Entropy of Compact Group Automorphisms (abstract algebra)

Richard Weber, Mathematics for Operational Research

Richard Weber, Optimization

Richard Weber, Optimization and Control

Richard Weber, Statistics (probability and statistics)

Richard Weber, Time Series (probability and statistics)

J. H. M. Wedderburn, Lectures on Matrices (linear algebra)

Ingo Wegener, Complexity of Boolean Functions, The

Charles Weibel, Introduction to Algebraic K-Theory, An (abstract algebra)

Klaus Weihrauch, Simple Introduction to Computable Analysis, A (analysis)

William Weiss, Cherie D’Mello, Fundamentals of Model Theory

E.T. Whitaker, G. N. Watson, Course of Modern Analysis, A (analysis)

Herbert Wilf, generatingfunctionology

Herbert Wilf, Lectures on Integer Partitions (discrete mathematics)

David R. Wilkins, Abstract Algebra (abstract algebra)

David R. Wilkins, Algebraic Topology (abstract algebra)

David R. Wilkins, Analysis (analysis)

David R. Wilkins, Mathematics

David R. Wilkins, Topology (topology)

P.M.H. Wilson, Algebraic Curves (abstract algebra)

Sergei Winitzki, Linear algebra via exterior products (linear algebra) free to read, modify, and sell

Cathal Woods, Introduction To Reasoning, An (logic and set theory)

David J. Wright, Dynamical Systems and Fractals

Benjamin Yakir, Introduction to statistical thinking (probability and statistics) free to read, modify, and sell

Sergei Yakovenko, Differential Geometry Lecture Notes (geometry)

Audrey Yap, Richard Zach, What if?: an introduction to nonclassical logics (logic and set theory) free to read, modify, and sell

Richard Zach, Boxes and diamonds (logic and set theory) free to read, modify, and sell

Richard Zach, Incompleteness and computability (logic and set theory) free to read, modify, and sell

Richard Zach, Intermediate logic (logic and set theory) free to read, modify, and sell

Richard Zach, Sets, logic, computation (logic and set theory) free to read, modify, and sell

Elias Zakon, Basic Concepts of Mathematics

Elias Zakon, Mathematical Analysis I (analysis) free to read, modify, and sell

Elias Zakon, Mathematical Analysis II (analysis)

Wojtek Zakrewski, Notes on Partial Differential Equations (analysis)

Boris Zilber, Model Theory

Erhan Çinlar, Robert J. Vanderbei, Mathmatical Methods of Engineering Analysis (analysis)

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